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We propose you to dive into an aromatic and unique world of tea with the TEASTAR TM. The tea is not just a tasty beverage, it’s a magic potion which gives health, beauty and longevity.

The tea provides an organism with the life force, braces up at the morning, calms down after the day of work. The tea ceremony gives an opportunity to forget for a moment about all the problems and slip-ups, to take the focus away from the pace of this crazy world and to taste this incredible beverage.

TEASTAR TM offers it’s admirers a great range of tea types from all parts of the world. You can buy our tea wholesale or order a certain amount from our retail stores. Our products conform to the highest world standards. Our assortment offers more than 350 types of tea and it lets us satisfy the tastes of all our clients. Our collection includes black and green teas, herbal and fruit teas, blend teas and teas with additives, ethnic and luxury teas. Each morning you can enjoy a new, delicate and unexpected taste of your favourite beverage thanks to our company.

We have been working for 11 years and we still try to be in progress to please our clients’ tastes. Yet, our second and no less important mission is to improve the quality of life of the Ukrainian nation. We set a goal to ourselves to be a socially responsible company.

Our tea family supports and promotes a healthy lifestyle and aims to make its contribution to the environmental conservation. We willingly organise and support sport and cultural events in Ukraine. Our team is proud to be a part of a company that ensures the processes of cultivation, gathering and production of tea without causing an ecosystem imbalance. Given that, the tea drinking with TEASTAR TM is just another natural process.

The main goal of Tea company is to develop a tea culture in Ukraine. Our work inspires us and we do it with a great pleasure because we believe that we can make from each Ukrainian a real tea gourmet which will enjoy an abundance of tastes of this wonderful beverage.